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New technology applied to your productivity – Power and speed come together to increase performance.

Our yarn machines are designed by the world’s leading manufacturer Huada Group which, thanks to an exclusivity agreement with Cofeseg, allows us to develop and adapt the yarn machine to the demands of the European market in its different variants.

For extra large cuts, medium and small cuts. Special models for squaring blocks.

Excellent relationship between productivity and thread life.

Safety, reliability and low maintenance cost.

Optional commands to choose from:

  • Digital control knob
  • Wireless Digital Control Controller
  • Traditional Analog Control

The machines are delivered installed and commissioned by Cofeseg’s specialized technical staff.

CE certificate.

Total satisfaction guarantee.

Immediate availability of spare parts.

Cofeseg’s own technical service

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  • Diamond Wire Saw Machine 100 Hp – 75Kw

  • Diamond Wire Saw Machine 30 HP – 22Kw

  • Diamond Wire Saw Machine 50 HP – 37Kw

  • Diamond Wire Saw Machine 75 HP – 55Kw

  • Trimming Diamond Wire Saw Machine 40hp – 30Kw Econetic