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Core Drilling Machine – MetroDrill

Suitable for underground, surface and quarry drilling.

Especially suited for Core Drilling operations.

Simple to operate and reliable.

High performance at low air pressure environments.

Rugged rod puller which is easily removed for rigging, with long lasting seal and robust 50mm diameter piston rod.

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200m horizontal – AQ

150m vertical up or down – AQ

Spindle speed 0 – 2,000rpm


Drill 125kg (incl. silencer)

Bar Clamp 25kg

Rod Puller 77kg

Motor Vane type air motor (5 vanes per motor)

Output, kW Inlet Air Pressure


30 600

24 500

18 400

12 300

Air Consumption

From 8 to 20m3/min (280 to 700cfm)

Operating pressure 300 – 600kPa

Feed screw ID suitable for AQ rods

Feedscrew run 820 mm (Total length 1,515 mm)

Feed gears The drill is equipped with 3 feed gears

Mounting Clamps fit 114mm (4 ½“) OD Pipe

Angle of drilling Designed to drill through 360˚

Rod puller

152.4 diameter with 760 mm stroke. 50mm diameter piston rod

800 kg capacity at 500 kPa

Data Sheet

Data Sheet