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Grinding Machine for Integral Drill Rods

Grind Matic Swing is a top-quality grinding machine.

Exclusively suited for Integral chiselled rod.

Compact and easy to use.

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The Grind Matic Swing is a light and efficient grinding machine for integral drill steels with chisel-type inserts.

Simple design makes the machine very easy to handle, while low weight and small dimensions make it easily portable.

The Grind Matic Swing is designed to grind 19, 22 and 25 mm (3/4″, 7/8″ and 1″) integral drill steels without the need for adjustment.

Gauge grinding can also be performed without having to adjust the machine.

Technical data

Air pressure, max. 7 bar (101.5 psi)

Air consumption (at 6 bar, 86 psi) 1500 l/min

Cutting-edge angle 110°

Cutting-edge radius 80 mm (35/32″)

Hose connections Air 12,5 mm (1/2″)

Water 6,3 mm (1/4″)

Idling speed 4080 r/min

Power output 1,10 kW

Size of grinding wheel

D x T x H 125 x 63 x 32 mm

DI x TI 80 x 50 mm

Spindle diameter 16 mm (5/8″)

Weight (incl. grinding wheel) 27,5 kg (61 lb)

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