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Expansive Mortar to Split Blocks – Cofeseg

Developed to split blocks in quarries

Quick reaction. Easy to use. It is only mixed with water in the indicated proportion and it is ready to work

Available for various ambient temperature ranges, to suit the time of year of work

Does not require special permits

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Fast work and high performance

Expansive mortars that, activated by mixing with water, undergo an expansion of its own volume, to split any type of rock or concrete

Adapted to each season of the year

Developed in four varieties, for the different working ambient temperatures. Being a chemical reaction, the outside temperature influences the response time of the product.

Red – Autumn-Winter (From 0 to 10 degrees)

Green – Spring – Autumn (From 10 to 25 degrees)

Yellow – Summer (Over 25 degrees)

Blue – all year round (For demolition only – Slow Reaction)

We offer specialized technical advice according to your needs and to each type of stone

Presentation in bags of 5 kg. and in Big Bags of 1,000 kg.