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Diamond Wire Saw Machine 30 HP Cofeseg By Huada DWS

To square blocks. Compact, Lightweight and easy to use.

Easy to position and move manually.

Increase your profits by squaring and adjusting blocks, thanks to the versatility and power of its 30 Hp motor, and the variable cutting speed of 0 to 28 meters per second.

Its easy installation and handling, reduces the cost of operation, and its cutting speed, increases the operating performance of the quarry

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Squad your Blocks in Quarry improving your results

Thanks to its 2 large wheels, it can be moved manually to place it in its working position.

With a rotating head up to +/- 15º, it allows to quickly adjust the cut once the block is positioned without the need for extra heavy machinery.

Cut and Square, increasing the performance of your quarry

Versatile, thanks to the wide cutting speed range of 0 to 28 meters per second, and its 30 hp motor, it can cut medium blocks, square irregular blocks, and recover discard blocks, quickly and efficiently, up to 55 amps.

Easy operation, thanks to the simplicity of the remote control

It can be controlled by an operator, in a shared way with other tasks in the quarry. Once the steering wheel pull and rotation variables have been set, it performs the cutting operation without alterations

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