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Stone Cutting

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Innovation in diamond machines and tools.
Reliability, Robustness, High performance, Digital production control, Easy to install and use.
Based on more than 30 years of Cofeseg experience and on the innovation of Huada Superabrasive Tools, we develop diamond wire saw machines and tools for stone cutting and demolition, with high quality and at the best cost, which are marketed in more than 70 countries in the world.
CE certification. Cofeseg Warranty, Spare Parts and Technical Service.
Special diamond wires for granite, marble and slate. Wire saw machines for squaring blocks in quarry of 30 Hp, Wire saw machines for cuts of small and large dimensions (from 50 hp to 100 hp).
Diamond blades and segments. Polishing tools.
Cofeseg’s own Technical Advice.
We can advise you to obtain better returns in the operation of your quarry and optimize your investment in the long term.